Good Morning, Powerlines

by James Leech

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released December 10, 2011

Percussion - Sam Bidaman
Everything else - James Leech



all rights reserved


James Leech Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Good Morning, Powerlines
there lies the bones of old giants by the stream
bearing patterns familiar to something old in me
oh and it tears at my heart
oh it tears me apart
like a memory
like a memory
please give my breath away
to someone who wants it more
cause i dont know what i am doing anyways
im just passing through

powerlines divide the sky so endlessly
the colour's still in your eyes so endlessly
bitter winter makes you taste so sweet
oh hell these hungry blues feed on me
and ill hold on to you with my life
like these chords of mine in my hand so tight
oh hell these hungry blues feed on
they feed on me
Track Name: She Fuels
every day and all the time
make believe that you are mine
but i believe in all the signs
that have shown themselves to me
well i'll try, i'll try

darling, darling, you set me on fire
you are, you are the rust on these wires
and i can see through all ugly things
and the rambling; i'm finally
not tired, i'm not tired
Track Name: Stretching
the season's stretching
the birds are freezing
we were laughing.. at how
our lives have gone

and oh, all my friends
have found their place
and gone away

and i am stumbling
but i'm only dreaming
my breath hangs in place.. and floats
through the neighbourhood

and oh, all my friends
have found their place
but i'm okay
Track Name: Sweet
the sweetest thing i've seen
took hold and buried me
the sweetest things will be
always unforgiving

you asked me if i was okay
darling i just couldn't say
the winter suffocates
white nights and whiter days

and i am barely awake
sleepwalking through my days
but it won't all go to waste
if i can just hear you sing
Track Name: The Trail Under My Boot
my hands are all ripped up
but ill put them to the open flame
i devote myself to the seasons
hoping for some kind of change

but oh hell i know
im not going to leave a trace
and my days are as clear
as the mean on my face

cause the trail under my boot is as tangled as my lace
ill just play it out